477 days

477 days have passed since we got engaged. 137 days are left. Why the fuck did we choose a date so far away? We are so ready to move on from this!
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one more drink leads to another, you slide up close to me ;

Who knew getting married would be so expensive..? Often, I am finding myself thinking that I should just go to a courthouse with him and get it over with. Then my life would be much much much less stressful and we could just move on from this. Don't get me wrong, it's also exciting, but wow.

Still working at Surrey, which sucks, but money and my temp full time line is still going strong. As long as I make it until October, I will be okay. We just have to get past this out of town wedding in September (the fiance's best friend) and save up some more for our wedding and then I am hoping everything will be (seem?) a lot less stressful. Everyone says not to worry and all that, that it will all come together (and my parent's have gifted us a decent sum of money which is so helpful and we are so grateful), but it's hard when you don't know when your temp line is up! Could be tomorrow, could be in another year...

Anyways, my life is mostly comprised of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' (I am marathoning this -- love the drama) and working out (very recently 100% commitment) and you know, chillin' like a villain and stressing about money (always).

Saw the 'Avenger's' deux today. SO GOOD, OHH MY.


let me ease the pain

Oh, hello livejournal.

Soooo, I got a temporary full time job at Surrey Memorial Hospital! Very, very happy. Weekends and stats off, Monday-Friday and I never want it to end. It has no end date as the clerk in the line has been on medical leave and still is, so unsure when she will come back. It's like a huge weight off my shoulders and couldn't have come at a better time as our roommate decided he was going to move out at the end of this month. So we can actually afford to keep our two bed/two bath apartment to ourselves. No new roommates!

Anyways, I love the job and I love the people. One week of 3-11's which sucks, but one week in a month, I can hardly complain. Two weeks of 8-4 and one week of 7:30-3:30. It's a drive (takes me about 50 minutes one way) which also means gas and parking money but the money is definitely worth it. I'm very happyyy. Next goal is to get something permanent...

Still, sometimes I feel stressed. It's taken me the better part of almost two years to get here and it is still temporary and I have no idea when it will end. I feel like I work just to pay bills and debt that feels never ending. And I know I'm young and it will get better eventually as I earn more seniority, but Daniel and I have so many things we would like to do and it feels a little impossible. Will we ever get where we want to go? We have decided we want to go to Mexico next year and it is all I think about since I have never been anywhere and haven't had a break from work in six years now (never EVER taken vacation time in my life), but I worry about saving up the money. I am putting everything towards my one credit card which has actually a small balance on it and it should be gone at the end of October. Not long, but I have been paying money to it forever, as things come up like taxes and needing new tires and it kept growing after I would pay it down. I feel sick of it and a tiny plastic card is all it takes to make me feel like, what's the point?

But still, it's good. Considering I have only been working for the hospitals for shy of two years and I am already working a temp full time, I must be doing something right.

Other than that... Life is the same. We don't do a whole lot to be honest, which makes it all the more depressing and why I feel like we work just to pay bills. I really want to go to the PNE next weekend, but I guess we will see if we can and want to afford it.

Bah. Life. Seems so hard sometimes.

where were you ?

Ooooh, I'm counting down to Tuesday! I got a job call for a hospital that is forty five minutes away, from my old boss/the lady who hired me where I currently am for a full time temporary job (with no end date!) and I'm sooo excited. I feel like I have a very, very good chance! I have been trying not to get too excited, but I am definitely failing. It doesn't help that my current boss got a call from this lady looking to hire (they're friends and have known each other forever) and she told me I had better love her forever... and that I will soon find out why. AHH. It's so hard not to jump on the 'this is going to change my life train', because it will absolutely change my life.

Moving on, I have gained like 15 pounds! It's horrifying. I'm still going to the gym but I'm notoriously bad for sitting on my couch and just being a gross snacker all night long. Ugh! Must. Change.

Life is otherwise unchanged. Working alot, applying to jobs, dreaming about Mexico (which we're definitely going to, yay!). Same old, same old. Trying to read because I have seven or so books sitting on my bookshelf from a crazy shopping day that is taking me forever to get through. I sure miss the reading bug I used to have.

i like to think that we had it all

I had probably the shittiest day at work today, I still can't believe it.

I got a job call yesterday in the afternoon after getting one the day before, too. I was working, so I missed the call yesterday and they left a message. The day before I got a call from Vancouver General Hospital for a temporary full time line. Yay! They also called while I was working and left a message. I phoned them back that night and left a message for them. VGH called me at work the next day and I missed it AGAIN because I'm a failure (very sad considering there's no rules about cellphones where I work, especially while I'm in the back room doing Screening Mammography) and then, like I said I got a call from the next one, which was from UBC Hospital. So I call UBC back and leave a message and then I'm not sure what to do about setting up an interview for the VGH call because I'm going to have to take a day off work next week for these and I only want to take one day, so I have to pick which one but the UBC manager didn't leave a detailed message about what the line was. Anyways, so this morning I try and call UBC back MULTIPLE times and she never answers, it just goes to voicemail. Finally I get through around 11am and it's a REGULAR FULL TIME JOB!! This is what I've been waiting for for the last two years of my life, I'm so excited and I say hey, okay, I can come in for an interview next week, I just have to take a day off next week, so I'll figure that out and call you back. She agrees, I hang up, sort that out and maybe an hour/hour and a half later have a chance to call her back. No answer. I leave a message telling her I can come in Tuesday for an interview and if she can just give me a call back at work or my cell so we can talk about a time and where, that would be great. Meanwhile, I cancel the other job interview/application and withdraw myself. So I wait and wait and finally it's 5pm and I'm done my shift. Still haven't heard! So I call her back to at least leave a message telling her I'm leaving work so she'll have to call my cellphone. Anyways, she answers and proceeds to tell me she's so sorry, but she was thrown a curveball today and the unit clerk who originally was in the position I was supposed to go in for an interview for called today and said she actually wasn't leaving! So the manager tells me she had to cancel the position and she was, again, very very sorry.

Well FUCK. Couldn't you have phoned me as soon as you found out? Not only did I cancel the other interview for you, I told you explicitly I would take a day off work to come into Vancouver because I live in Chilliwack and I had to phone YOU to find out that it's being cancelled!? If she had phoned me earlier I might've been able to salvage that shift! But now I have a random day off when I may have been working, lost out on money and cancelled another interview for a full time job, even though it's temporary!

I'm just so upset. What a god damn gong show.

Other than that, nothing else new is happening. I have been working and applying and unfortunately have been putting on a little bit of weight because I've become a snackaholic.

But I just went and used my GST to pay for my new three month gym membership (thanks government), at a discount thanks to my horrible job, and some starbucks. Le sigh. What a day. :(

light it up !

Ughhh, it is so ridiculously hot out and I hate it. I was definitely not made for heat -- I hate feeling sweaty and stuffy and warm and gross. Ugh! I have been hiding in the safety of my air conditioned apartment reading all day. I did bake choc chip banana bread. And I am thinking of baking more, but that oven. So hot.

no one saw through my games

There is a jumping spider just... hanging from my window sill behind my bed headboard. I can't kill spiders (let alone go near them) and I had seen this guy yesterday in the morning before I went to work (and both my roommate and my boyfriend had already been gone/been sleeping)... so I left him obviously. Of course, by the time I get home, he had disappeared. But now he's back. And I'm here alone. And he's just hanging from a web. I thought he was dead, but I cleaned our sheets/bedding this morning and noticed him when I went to put the sheets on and he went from hanging to crawling up and staring at me. UGH. Fuck YOU SPIDER. Made putting the bed together awkwarddddd. I probably looked like a total retard. I'm just gonna let him hang there again...

It's gorgeous outside today. And my three day weekend starts today. Sooo nice. Sometimes when I work five days in a row, I get shocked, because I'm soooo exhausted. I have really forgotten what it's like to work full time. I can't believe I worked full time at Tim Horton's for four years sometimes, haha. How did I do it! It's too early to be feeling so old.

I really want to just settle in and read my book, gah. So hard to focus. It doesn't help that I have shitty reading couches/chairs. I need to buy something real nice just for me to read in. But I mean, I've been reading this same book for a few weeks so I should get going on it... No excuses.


this time baby i'll be bulletproof --

it's june! whew! and you can tell when you look outside, ha!

kind of in a predicament... and i don't like it. i recently had to spend lot's of money on tires, bought a new laptop (didn't need this, pretty impulsive) and also owed nearly $600.00 for taxes (go fuck yourself superstore!). anyways, all this went on my one credit card. this credit card hasn't been paid off or had a zero balance since the day i got it when i turned 19. i've brought it down very very close (had it less than a hundred dollars a couple months ago), but yeah, never all the way down. now i have all this money sitting on it and i have some savings in my bank account... i don't want to use it to pay it down, but i know i'll be wasting money on interest if i don't. i feel like it's such a setback in my savings though to put it all on this card. in all my years of working so far, i've never had any kind of savings and now that i do and i loveeee seeing it there... of course my credit card needs it. bah. :(

i can't wait until the damn thing is paid off (a miracle?)...

also, i'm starting to feel taken advantage of i think by our roommate. actually, our last roommate was horrible and now this one is just... ugh. not that it's a huge amount, but i'm paying for $21.00 of his rent today because he didn't have the full amount. and he was late for a bill payment once so i had to dip into my savings for that. i don't know. he literally doesn't do anything, doesn't clean or help around the house and i don't care, i like to pretend that it's my and daniel's place, i just want him to pay his rent and utility bills on time and in full. we don't make him buy anything for the house at all, he still uses our toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags, laundry detergent and sheets, you name it, and we don't say anything. because frankly we can afford it and i learned with our last roommate that it doesn't work to bring it up. anyways, i guess i'm just kind of pissed. because when he got paid he did have the money and he obviously wasn't careful about what he spent. just makes me mad, like bills come first. and he's buying his own food and that's it, he gets everything else for free from us because we can't be bothered to hound another roommate for things we can just afford ourselves. so i think i'm going to tell him that from now on when he gets paid, he needs to pay me whatever bills are coming out of that paycheck up front. is that unreasonable? i mean, it's coming out of the paycheck either way, but this way we avoid all these problems. i can't wait until daniel and i can just be on our own.

i kinda want to go out today... but i don't know what for. i want to shop but i don't really want to spend the little money i have right now on just stuff. not that coffee is much better, but being able to go out and buy myself a starbucks frapp everyday keeps me a happy lady.

i bought 'city of heavenly fire' the day it came out (the new city of bones book) because i was super excited to, but i was (and still am) reading 'the winter of the world' by ken follett and i have a rule about finishing a book before moving on to another. damn. cause that book is a thousand pages long and while it's awesome, i find i don't have the attention span that i used to for all books to just sit and read. bah! so annoying!

well... i guess that's a good enough rant as any of them. i'm super exicted for 'game of thrones' and 'total divas' tonight. ahhh! :)

i will love you until my dying day ~

whew, it's nice out today! i had a very uneventful day at work today, which is alright. then i came home and had the pleasure of watching 'sharknado' for the first time... well. SO horribly hilarious, i have never laughed so much at stupid comedy.

hmmm. now i've got my starbucks and my next book... time to read it (finally), it's only been sitting on my bedside table forever.

i just can't shake this feeling of no productivity right now! bah! i didn't go to the gym today so i'm sure that's the only reason i feel so lame right now. fat days are hard days. sometimes i think i have some kind of twisted eating disorder with how depressed i can get over one gym-free day.